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How I Learned to Play the Piano
Tremaine Parsons

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"Just a quick follow up. I've had a chance to watch a couple of your videos. Frankly, I think they're quite good. I'm going to watch a few more over the next couple days. Let's connect early next week and I'll share my thoughts. All in all, though, I like the way you sound, the piano layout works well, and the messages are clear."
Greg - Professional Pianist - Sacramento CA

"I've enjoyed working my way through the lessons in Tremaine's piano course. As an intermediate piano player I found the first lessons to be a good refresher for me. I'm now enjoying learning new ways to voice chords and and some new chord progressions. Playing along with the lessons is teaching me to improve my rhythm and timing. I can't wait to finish the lessons and put what I've learned to use. The course has rekindled my interest in piano after spending the last few years playing Irish tunes on the mandolin."
Scott - Auburn CA


Tremaine Parsons

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You are welcome to listen to my compositions here. Or, listen to an improvisation by me here.

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